The Cuban American artist Reinaldo Vargas was born in Havana, Cuba on January 7, 1961.  He graduated from the Academy of Arts San Alejandro, the oldest and most prestigious fine arts school in his country. 

From 1981 to 1984 he taught drawing and design at art school in Nueva Gerona and additionally he was an art instructor at the Cultural Center of La Victoria (Cuba) where he worked with groups of children and young adults.Years later he worked for a cinematography company in Havana as a poster designer.
In 1993, he decided to immigrate Europe to expand his artistic ambitions.  After four years living in Paris, France, Reinaldo decided to move to the United States. Currently, he resides in Atlanta.

Reinaldo`s early works was primarily figurative in nature. His more recent artwork is influenced by abstract expressionism , synthesized with imagery of mysticism and biomorphic elements transformed into personal code.




Since I began my career as an artist, I have been through different directions with my art work from figurative to abstract​ expressionism. My paintings intend to be the true statement of my soul with a fresh look , so you can experience my inner expression. My artwork is not driven by any theory or concept, but, by the expression of the gestural inspiration that is found everywhere.​ I like layers, lines, and colors to be ​​in harmony with the visual forms of chaos, which surprisingly, lead to an apparent tranquility. This is a completely new period in my career. As an artist, I follow the path toward the experimental, in search for something more to say with my work.Time and memory, always play a key role in my art, perhaps because, I come from a country which has been isolated from the rest of the world.

 Personal Expositions:

2013 EXIT Atl art gallery (Norcross, Georgia – USA)

2012 Vargas & Harbin Studio Gallery ( Norcross, GA - USA )
2010 Mojito Cuban Lounge Midtown Hotel (Atlanta, Georgia – USA)
2005 Grand Bohemian Gallery, Mansion on Forsyth Park (Savannah, Georgia – USA)
2005 Gardner Gallery (Atlanta, Georgia - USA)
2003 Anthony Ardavin Gallery (Atlanta, Georgia - USA)
2000 Gallery Zebu, Tula Art Center (Atlanta, Georgia - USA)
1996 Gatsby’s Fine Arts Gallery (West Palm Beach, Florida - USA)

1995 Elyette Peyre Gallery , 5 Rue Visconti (Paris France)
1995 Art Gallery L’oeil Du Boeuf (Paris, France)  
1994 L’Arc Restaurant (Paris, France)
1994 Art Gallery & Restaurant Closerie Des Lilas (Paris, France)
1994 Bibliotheque Schoelcher ,National Library of (Fort De France, Martinique)
1993 Restaurant Gallery Kornhaus (Basel, Switzerland)
1991 Art Gallery Carl Marx Theater (Havana, Cuba)
1984 Art Gallery La Victoria, Isla De La Juventud (Cuba)


Collective Expositions:
2016 Center for the Arts, 122 W.Broadway, ( Hobbs, N Mexico)
2015 Gallery Guichard , "Blackness in Latin American"( Chicago , Illenois )
2015 Rialto Center for the Arts ( Georgia State University )
2014 UGA University "Negritud en Latino America" _ ( Athens , GA )
2014 Studio 905 ,"Uncommon Beauty" _ (Atlanta, GA )
2014 Studio 905 ,"The Colors of Summer" _ (Atlanta, GA )

2013 EXIT Atl art gallery " ART BY 2 "  – (Atlanta, GA)

2013 Studio 905 - (Atlanta , GA)

2013 " CUBANS ",  Art Center Historic Norcross , GA

2012 Delta Arts Center-(Winston-Salem, North Caroline

2011 QbaVa Gallery – (Union City, NJ – Metro NYC area)
2011 Woodruff Art Center at Alliance Theater – (Atlanta, GA)
2009 Coca Cola Worldwide Headquarters – Latin Art Exhibition (Atlanta, GA – USA)
2007 Coca Cola Worldwide Headquarters – Latin Art Exhibition (Atlanta, GA – USA)
2005 ATLart [05] Art House (Atlanta, GA – USA)
2003 Icaro Gallery (Long Beach, CA – USA)
2001 Raymond Lawrence Gallery (Atlanta, Georgia – USA)   
1994 L’Atellier Z (Paris, France)
 Elyette Peyre Gallery (Paris France)

1995 Maison Du Don Gallery (Paris, France)

1994 Bibliotheque du Lamentin , (Fort De France,Martinique)
1994 Cultural Center Recoleta (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
1990 Amelia Pelaez Art Gallery (Parque Lenin, Cuba)    
1987 Galiano & Concordia Art Gallery (Havana, Cuba)
1985 L Gallery (El Vedado, Cuba)
1982 Casa De La Cultura (Nueva Gerona, Cuba)
1981 Talia Gallery (Havana, Cuba)

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